History of the Society

The Kerry Archaeological and Historical Society (KAHS) was founded in 1850 by the Anglo-Irish gentry of Co. Kerry to preserve and conserve the antiquities of the Kerry landscape.

This Society prospered with a very active membership until it ceased in 1924.

In 1967 the KAHS was reborn under the inspiration and guidance of Tom Armitage, the then Kerry County Librarian.

This was a very fortuitous decision, as from then to the present day, and hopefully to the future, the Society has based itself out of the County Library headquarters in Tralee. Furthermore the society has the free facilities (thanks to Kerry County Council) of all the libraries of County Kerry for its lecture series. Hence, these lectures are admission free to the general public.

From a very committed and inspired few people in 1967 our Society has grown to the current membership of over 700 members

For more information on the background of historical societies in County Kerry please see the article below from issue one of the Society's Journal:

     'County Kerry's Historical Societies' by Thomas Armitage