About The Society

The Kerry Archaeological and Historical Society was founded in 1967 'for the collection, recording, study and preservation of the history and antiquities of Kerry, including the preservation of historical and antiquarian remains, the promotion of scientific excavation, and the publication of a journal'.

Today there are over 500 members of this growing society, mostly in Kerry but also elsewhere in Ireland as well as abroad. The aims and activities of the Society today are somewhat different to those first envisaged, but the study of the history and antiquities of County Kerry continues, as does the publication of an annual journal. As well as publishing the annual Journal, The Kerry Magazine is another annual publication of the Society, and occasionally other material is published.

The Society holds regular lectures, on a wide range of subjects relating to the archaeology and history of the county, as well as sometimes branching into other areas of our rich culture and heritage. These lectures generally take place in one of the local libraries, and all are welcome.

Outings are a feature generally of the summer programme. These are afternoon trips to sites in a particular part of the county, guided by local experts. On the social side, there is an annual lunch in either late November or early December. It is at this event that the Society's Annual Heritage award is presented.

The Society is a vibrant, growing organisation, always open to new thoughts and ideas, but always keeping in mind the main aims which could be condensed into 'the study of the history and antiquities of Kerry'. It has an academic side, seen in the lectures and publications, but also a social side, which is probably just as important.

New members are always welcome, and information on memberships can be found on the How to Join section of this website.